Next on Netflix 2024: start date and time, where to watch, movies, TV shows, and more

An official screenshot from Netflix's Squid Game TV show
Squid Game season 2 might finally get a release date reveal during Next on Netflix 2024. (Image credit: Noh Juhan)

Update: well, that was slightly disappointing, wasn't it? We expected more than a three-minute-long trailer that basically told us what we already knew about Netflix's 2024 line-up, but that's all we received.

There are some interesting tidbits hidden within, to be fair – the first footage from Squid Game season 2, The Umbrella Academy season 4, and Bridgerton season 3 being the most notable. But we didn't get any official release dates for the first two (Bridgerton returns in two parts this May and June, FYI) or any other major news on the rest. Watch the trailer below if you're interested in seeing said footage, anyway.

Original story follows.

The first big virtual Netflix event of 2024 is almost here. Dubbed 'Next on Netflix', the streaming giant plans to reveal more details about its highly anticipated line-up of movies and TV shows for the year ahead – and we'll be on hand to cover the most important news that'll drop once it arrives

Ahead of Next on Netflix 2024, we imagine you'll want to know when it'll begin, what Netflix Originals – new and incredibly popular ones – we'll learn more about during the event, where you can stream it, and more. Below, we've rounded up the key information you need to know about the world's best streaming service's first shindig of the year, so you'll know when and where to tune in.

Here, then, is everything we know about Next on Netflix 2024.

When will Next on Netflix 2024 begin?

The Hargreeves family prepare to fight in The Umbrella Academy season 3 on Netflix

The Umbrella Academy season 4 will get some airtime at Next on Netflix 2024. (Image credit: Netflix)

Next on Netflix 2024 is (at the time of writing) just a few short hours away – indeed, it's set to take place today, i.e. Thursday, February 1

It'll officially kick off at 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT, for those of you in the US and UK. Australian viewers can watch the event at 12am (midnight) on Friday, February 2.

As for its runtime, we aren't sure how long it'll run for. We don't think it'll be a multi-hour event along the lines of Netflix Tudum, but we don't expect it to be just a 10-minute-long trailer that's packed with announcements, either. Like you, then, we're in the dark on this front.

Where can I watch Next on Netflix?

Anthony Bridgerton seems sad as a trio of women look on in Bridgerton season 2

The next installment in the Bridgerton series is expected to be shown off. (Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Next on Netflix 2024 will be livestreamed on YouTube, so you can click on the YouTube embed above to watch it in real time.

If you're unable to watch the event as and when it happens, you'll want to load up your favorite social media app – be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok – to keep track of every announcement as they drop.

What movies and shows are part of Next on Netflix 2024?

Princess Elodie brandishes a sword at someone off-camera in Netflix's Damsel movie

Millie Bobby Brown's Damsel will feature. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has already given us a clear idea of which movies and shows will be part of its 'Next on...' 2024 event. Indeed, there are plenty of new Netflix movies that we'll learn about – some of which might have enough about them to sneak onto our best Netflix movies list. On the TV front, we'll also get the lowdown on returning favorites, some of whom are already part of our best Netflix shows guide, as well as further news of the streamer's slate of documentaries.

See which TV series and films will get new updates – whether that's a long awaited release date, first-look images/footage, or something else entirely – in the list below:

It's possible that we might get a surprise or two during Next on Netflix 2024, such as an official production start date for Wednesday season 2. Small updates on The Lincoln Lawyer season 3, Stranger Things season 5, and The Sandman season 2, which are all currently being filmed, wouldn't go amiss, either.

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