Marvel is making a second WandaVision Disney Plus spin-off for 2026 – and it'll star Paul Bettany as White Vision

A close up shot of White Vision in Marvel's WandaVision TV series on Disney Plus
Paul Bettany is expected to reprise his role as White Vision from Marvel's WandaVision TV show. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Vision, the android superhero played by Paul Bettany in Marvel's expansive cinematic universe, is reportedly getting a Disney Plus spin-off series – and it's expected to arrive sometime in 2026.

According to Variety, the forthcoming show, which has been the subject of numerous rumors over the past two years, appears to be moving forward at Marvel HQ. If the as-yet untitled series meets its apparent 2026 release window, it'll debut on the service five (!) years after WandaVision, which is the last time that we see Bettany appear in a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) project. It'll also be released around two years after the aformentioned series' first spin-off Agatha All Along, whose September 2024 release date was confirmed by Marvel in mid-May.

Previously, it was expected that Bettany would reprise his role as White Vision – a resurrected version of the synthezoid who died at Thanos' hands in Avengers: Infinity War – in a Marvel Phase 5 production titled Vision Quest. It's unclear if this will be the series' official title, nor do we know who else might appear as part of its cast. We've reached out to Marvel and Disney for an official comment, and we'll report back if we receive a response.

What we do know is that the White Vision-starring project comes with a change of creative direction. We'd previously heard that a Vision series was in the works from WandavVision creator Jac Schaeffer, before they pivoted toward development on Agatha All Along. Now, Variety reports that the reins for this second spin-off have been handed to Terry Matalas, who will serve as its new showrunner. Matalas was an executive producer on Star Trek: Picard on Paramount Plus, but he was also the head writer on the Star Trek series' third and final season, which was met with critical acclaim.

Creative vision

Wanda Maximoff, Vision and Wiccan ready to fight in WandaVision

Vision (center) was last seen in 2021's WandaVision on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

For a TV show about an artificial being finding their purpose, tapping Star Trek talent is a very good move. The iconic sci-fi franchise's history of synthetic life forms seeking meaning and purpose in the cosmos – the android known as Data, who was a key figure in Star Trek: The Next Generation and also featured in Star Trek: Picard, had a similarly existentialism-led character arc in both shows. If Matalas can bring some of that narrative and character development substance to White Vision, he'll be more than a safe bet to lead one of the MCU's many in-development shows.

If Bettany and Matalas are teaming up for a White Vision series on Disney Plus, aka one of the world's best streaming services, it'll somewhat fly in the face of Marvel's insistence that it's a) reversing course to favor quality over quantity with its line-up of films and TV shows, and b) that new MCU Disney Plus shows will be easier to jump into from now on.

The latter point is particularly pertinent to Vision, who's a figure with a substantial legacy in the MCU. After debuting in 2014's Avengers: Age of Ultron, he's gone onto have an increasingly important role in Marvel's cinematic juggernaut. Fans who have stuck with the MCU through its recent trials and tribulations, then, are far more likely to get the most out of Vision's TV show than those who haven't. Depending on the narrative direction of said series, it might not be so easy to simply "jump into" Vision Quest (or whatever it ends up being called) and follow the story it tells, either.

Still, with a new look, all-white body, a fresh start for the resurrected character, and the likelihood that Marvel will give newcomers some necessary exposition whenever the show airs, the comic giant hopes new viewers will be able to jump in fresh. Let's hope Matalas and Bettany can *ahem* make it so.

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