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Canon LV-X4 review

A projector that's designed for use with a computer

This is a mid-range LCD projector that offers a 1,024x768 resolution

Our Verdict

Poor all-round performance isn't good for a projector that's supposed to excel when used with a computer


  • Includes a carry case

    1.6:1 zoom lens

    Reasonable colour


  • Poor movie and Mac performance

    Another one that's a bit loud

    Poor scaling

Many similar projectors are pretty much dedicated film projectors that happen to be able to handle computer inputs, but this one is a dedicated presentation projector that can handle films, if you want it to.

This should mean that performance with the Mac is going to be great, but that's unfortunately not the case... despite its high price. Given that, things don't look good for the LV-X4.

This is a mid-range LCD projector that offers a 1,024x768 resolution with 1,500 lumens output and a 400:1 contrast ratio. Its best feature is its powerful 1.6:1 zoom lens, making it very flexible to set up; this projector is on the small side and if you think you're going to need to move it about, this will be a definite plus point.

Performance with a Mac isn't terrible, but it's also nothing to sing about; our test showed visual noise on the picture which let things down and generally marred the image.

Considering the lacklustre performance and the fact there are XGA projectors available for £200 less, the Canon simply seems too expensive for what you get. For films, the LX-V4 showed some promise, with decent dark colours and reasonable colour in general.

The main problem is poor scaling, which leaves the image looking harsh and grainy. Mac performance is unimpressive, with poor menu controls. The unit is a little on the loud side during use, too - this could be a problem if using it for presentations and will definitely interfere with films. It wouldn't be so bad if it excelled in one of these areas, but it does in neither, so we're not fans.