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Lenovo: 'Bloody' UK market is key for us

Lenovo - not short of ambition
Lenovo - not short of ambition

Chinese electronics giant Lenovo has insisted that the UK is a key market for it, despite the tough competition.

Lenovo believes that it can not only be a major player in desktops and laptops, but overhaul the likes of Dell, Acer and market leader Hewlett Packard to take top spot on a global level.

Speaking to TechRadar at the Gadget Show Live 2011, Lenovo senior specialist William Cai – outlined the company's ambitions in the UK and the world.

Significant market

"The UK market is very significant for us," said Cai. "The UK and Germany are the key European markets with Germany number one.

"The UK is a very bloody market but we have high hopes and it has a very high potential."

Cai believes that the Chinese company can quickly overhaul its rivals to become the world's biggest manufacturer of computers.

"We hope to be number three in laptops in three years and number one in five years," said Cai."We will soon be number two in the desktop market."