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Spotify hacks Siri to bring voice control to iPhone app

Daniel Ek says Siri is the biggest threat to Google

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has been showing-off a hack which allows his company's iPhone app to be controlled using Siri.

In an interview with Forbes, the Swedish streaming kingpin was asked whether he planned to integrate voice control with the Spotify Premium application.

Ek then whipped out his iPhone and told Siri to "Play me some Coldplay," and the device duly obliged by banging out The Scientist through Spotify.

"We hacked into it a few weeks ago," he said. "I'm not an inventor. I just want to make things better."

Ek didn't reveal any official plans to integrate Spotify with Siri, which would require Apple to open the personal assistant up to third party apps.

Threat to Google

He was, however, extremely high in his praise for Apple's efforts with Siri, and spoke of a future where the app ran faster and truly understood the user's desires.

He added: "Imagine if this was three times as fast or truly understood my intent?"

"It's probably the biggest threat to Google; it's a whole new way of interacting."

The interview with Forbes is an interesting read which charts Ek's past as an admirer of Napster and the recent time the company spent integrating its services with Facebook.

Via: Forbes, Engadget