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Vodafone and HTC speak out over HD2 withdrawal

HTC HD2 and Vodafone - is it gone or not?
HTC HD2 and Vodafone - is it gone or not?

Thought that the whole 'Vodafone dropping HTC HD2' saga was done and dusted? Think again, as both companies have since spoken out.

We phoned HTC to see what it made of the announcement, and we were given the following statement:

"The HTC HD2 will continue to be available through Vodafone [in the UK]".

Mysterious, eh? Having spoken to Vodafone this morning about the issue, clearly something was afoot, so we went back to the red network, only to find out that the HTC HD2 will indeed be staying in the range - but only for business users.

Word play

When you look at the original wording, you can see how the issue was confused: "We are not re-stocking the HTC HD2 for general consumer sales."

This is what Vodafone had to say to TechRadar on the subject:

"We see the HTC HD2 as a strong business users' handset, so that's why we'll be keeping it in range.

"Although we understand our consumer customers will be disappointed, we're confident the range of handsets we have in the pipeline will offer more than enough options to pick up a great handset."