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T-Mobile nabs BlackBerry Storm 2

BlackBerry Storm 2 - now available from T-Mobile
BlackBerry Storm 2 - now available from T-Mobile

The BlackBerry Storm 2 has got a new home, courtesy of T-Mobile, who is now offering the smartphone to its customers.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 was announced back in October 2009, with Vodafone grabbing first-dibs for the UK.

The new deal by T-Mobile is £35 a month, with the phone coming for free.

This is for those who take out a 24-month contract and includes 600 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited internet.

Phone features

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is a touchscreen smartphone, complete with 3.2MP camera, access to BlackBerry App World and built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.

It comes packing a 3.25-inch screen and 2GB on-board memory storage.

Vodafone did announce to TechRadar back in October that the deal it had in place to stock the BlackBerry Storm 2 was not an exclusive one, merely a first-to-house option.

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