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Rogue iPhone App Store on the cards

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Well, once you jailbreak it you can get the really advanced stuff like shooting video...

The controversy about Apple's sometimes-odd decisions to exclude certain iPhone programs from its App Store is likely to get a renewed airing soon, as it has emerged that disgruntled programmers are setting up their own unofficial App Store in response to being shut out.

US developer Jay Freeman plans to build on his existing Cydia installer program by opening an alternative iPhone software store offering programs that require the iPhone to be jailbroken.

Apple dead against it

The move is sure to be controversial, as Apple is vehemently against users jailbreaking their handsets to allow unofficial applications to run.

It most recently filed legal opposition in February to proposed US legislation that would confirm the legality of iPhone jailbreaking.

Piracy issue

Apple says it needs to control the iPhone platform to prevent piracy of third-party applications, thus protecting developers' revenues.

Many iPhone users, on the other hand, would like a little freedom to put what they like on their own phones. We haven't heard the last of this.