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Palm Pre getting webOS 1.1 upgrade

Pre gets webOS 1.1 upgrade later this month
Pre gets webOS 1.1 upgrade later this month

Palm Pre owners will be glad to hear that webOS 1.1 for the Palm Pre may be released within a month, offering a number of improvements to Palm's latest smartphone including better sound quality, more apps and improved Exchange features for those working on the go.

The better managed Exchange policy integration is perhaps the most important upgrade, in addition to support for device wipe after failed PIN attempts, auto PIN lock, minimum password complexity and more.

A better work phone

Website PreCentral reports that "an anonymous tipster has sent in some details on what we can expect with webOS 1.1. The majority of the updates look to be focused on beefing up the Palm Pre's enterprise and corporate chops by adding plenty of EAS improvements, including:

* IT-initiated remote wipe
* Required PIN with complexity
* Device wipe after a certain number of failed PIN attempts
* Auto-lock
* Improved digital certificates

Pre users should watch out for the update within the next 30 days.

Via PreCentral