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Moto X+1 may give us the 1080p display we've been waiting for

Moto X+1 may upgrade to a 1080p display
Well we already know the name's a certainty

There's a nagging issue with the Moto G where the carrier is displayed in the status bar at all times, taking up valuable space.

Punit Soni, Motorola's VP of product management, posted a screenshot of the device settings to show a new toggle in Android 4.3.3 that will disable the name, but may have revealed something more significant.

It seems that the device Soni was posting from wasn't a Moto G, but one with a 1080p display. How do we know that? Because someone spotted the 1080p screenshot resolution.

Motorola doesn't have any 1080p devices on the market - the G is 720p - so there's a chance that Soni could be using an as-yet-unannounced phone, possibly the Moto X+1.

Upgrading to a 1080p screen makes a lot of sense for the next Moto X, so here's hoping that Soni has inadvertently spilled the beans.

Via Droid Life