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iPhone SE leak points to Apple Pay and samey storage

iPhone SE

Leaked packaging for Apple's rumored iPhone SE appears to indicate that it will feature NFC support, meaning Apple Pay could be making its way to the 4-inch phone.

This would be the first iPhone to feature the technology and to support the tap-to-pay service outside of the company's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S family of devices.

Looking through the spec list, provided by 9to5Mac, it also seems to answer other questions that we had about the upcoming iPhone, in particular, the name of the device.

Before it was the iPhone SE, it was the 5SE. Before that, the 6C. As listed on the leaked image, it seems that its current moniker might be the one that actually sticks.

Lastly, let's talk storage capacity. It looks like we're stuck with 16GB on the low-end, with a 64GB model available, too.

Disappointing as this may be, it's hard to be surprised by this move. But, with rumors that the SE will occupy a position in the Cupertino company's lineup of phones similar to the iPhone 5C in terms of pricing, and it seems likely that Apple will be saving the larger capacities for the iPhone 7.

Via 9to5Mac