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Hyundai's Mobile fails to make UK launch

Hyundai Mobile never even makes it to the UK
Hyundai Mobile never even makes it to the UK

Hyundai's efforts to take the fight to LG in the watchphone game have fallen at the first hurdle after the European owner went bust.

Despite bringing a stall to Mobile World Congress, showing off the MB-910 wristwatch phone and the Dolphin, the owner Leitz-Austria has collapsed.

While the mobile range was never going to set the sales charts alight, the MB-910 wristwatch phone was at least affordable compared to LG's anticipated super-high-cost effort, at £200.

The company was supposed to be launching a slew of phones before July, mostly based on Windows Mobile.


But with the parent company going bust, and UK partner Advantage Communications going belly up on our shores, time has been called on the Hyundai UK mobile venture.

Hyundai was looking for a new team to head up the UK operations, but in view of the financial climate it seems the whole thing has been wrapped up.

It's a shame, as the company was coming with some cheap and cheerful yet quirky designs, and had plans to corner five per cent of the market in a few years.

Oh well, another manufacturer bites the dust. Let's hope it's not one of the big names that falls next.

Via Mobile Gazette