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Creating the perfect mobile phone ain't easy

Everyone wants an iPhone, what's next?

Apple's iPhone was received well by media and consumers alike upon its release. Impressed by its intuitive design and unique functionality, today almost 77 per cent of owners say they're "very satisfied" with the device.

But, as a panel at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona pointed out on Thursday, emulating the iPhone will not be easy for mobile phone manufacturers.

The panel, which included experts in the mobile phone field, endeavoured to find out exactly how Apple was able to create a phone that offered the greatest customer satisfaction ever witnessed in the industry.

According to one panellist, the response the industry has seen is subconscious; companies should try to connect with users' "neural networks" and exploit touch and "pre-touch" input.

Get out of my way!

Another idea was that the key to high satisfaction is to let users do what they want. "The content is the core," one panellist noted. "And we have to get out of the user's way."

There's no debating the fact that Apple was successful in revolutionising the way mobile phones are used. Let's just hope other companies can jump on the bandwagon.