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Sony's new headphone range goes wireless

Sony has announced an overhaul of its headphone range, and introduced its first wireless headphones, the Bluetooth-enabled DR-BT160AS and DR-BT160IK.

But why would you want to go wireless, we hear you cry? Well, Sony seems to be targeting its new headphone range at both the sporty and the lazy.

The sporty ones can run around listening to music, without the fear of cable strangulation, while the plain lazy can use the 'phones for your phone – as a Bluetooth headset, necessitating the need to actually hold your mobile. You can also change tracks and adjust volume from the headset.

Cable guys

Those who fear going wireless, will be pleased to hear that Sony isn't shunning the world of cable just yet, with the release of the MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP headphones. Sony is making big claims with its in-ear cans, boasting "studio-quality sound".

The buds have been shaped slightly differently, too, which is said to give an extra-comfortable fit. Sound is enhanced by a 9mm EX driver unit for wide dynamic range and deep bass.

While no pricing has been announced, expect the Bluetooth buds to be in the shops in November, and Sony's new wired in-ear headphones to hit stands in October.