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T-Mobile will offer HTC Android phone in UK


T-Mobile will have HTC's Android phone first on the UK market, and the first Google OS phone will no doubt prove an attractive proposition.

Google showed off its Android platform at its London developers' conference on an HTC phone that, even with the branding removed, didn't fool anyone.

We brought the news that T-Mobile would be ahead of its competitors in bringing Android to market, and the German-owned company will be desperate to show that the brand of Google can compete with recent upstart Apple.

Google vs Apple vs Microsoft

Apple's iPhone and its OSX-based platform have taken the mobile world by storm, and with Nokia's purchase of Symbian, and Microsoft working hard to give its Windows Mobile platform a push, it is an interesting time for mobile operating systems.

Google is a brand that can feasibly offer true competition to Apple – with the search giants' raft of online software seemingly perfectly adapted to a portable market.

The open source nature of Android will also bring in a mass of developers keen to bring their wares to the platform.