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Asus readying Eee PCs with Moblin OS

Eee PCs will come with Moblin as an option later this year

With Windows 7 definitely a viable choice for low-powered netbook computers, later this year seems like a great time to be choosing the OS for your new PC, particularly if rumours about Asus and Moblin prove true.

According to Engadget, a German site with a believable record on such gossip says Asus will be offering the open-source Moblin OS on new Eee PCs from October.

Cheaper option

As is usual with Asus, it's highly likely that any Moblin version will be a cheaper option than equivalent PCs powered by Windows.

On top of the imminent Moblin debut, it also seems sure that Asus will be in the vanguard of companies offering Google's Chrome OS when that arrives sometime early next year. Choices all round, it seems.

Via Engadget