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YouTube XL optimises web video for TV

YouTube super-sizes to XL
YouTube super-sizes to XL

YouTube has taken its first serious steps to ensure that web video has a place in living rooms around the world, by making a browser-based version of the site that's made especially for viewing on big-screen TVs.

Last January, YouTube launched a version of the site for viewing through a PS3 or Wii, which was fine but the navigation left a lot to be desired.

YouTube XL fixes this by adding large text and simplified navigation and finally offers continuous playback.

Also, if you have a Bluetooth enabled remote, you will be able to flick through the site as you would a TV channel.

Improved layout

The new layout is impressive. The main box is made up of an easily scrolled list of videos, with big-button categories on the left-hand side for easier navigation.

Thankfully, the likes of suggested videos and comments have also been stripped from the site, which makes for a much cleaner interface.

If it wasn't for the fact that some videos aren't available due to rights restrictions, we might even want to use YouTube XL as our main way into YouTube on our computer, let alone for viewing on a big-screen TV.

Try it for yourself, by pointing your browser to