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YouTube ordered to do more to stop illegal uploads

YouTube ordered to do more to stop illegal uploads
More work for YouTube

A German court has ruled that YouTube must do more to curb copyright violations on the video sharing site.

It's the conclusion to a case that has been rumbling on since 2010 when a disagreement over royalties between GEMA, a company that collects royalties for artists and songwriters, and YouTube spiralled into a legal case.

YouTube will be required to do more to identify videos that use songs without permission – it currently uses ContentID but will have to implement new measures too.

This could mean that adding videos to YouTube takes longer as each one may need to be screened and cleared for legal use before going live on the site.

"But YouTube isn't the perpetrator here, it's those people who illegally upload songs," Judge Heiner Steeneck told the court.

"That's why YouTube doesn't have to search all videos uploaded in the past. It only has to help detect videos from the moment it is alerted about possible violations."

Google has decided that this is a good thing for the site, with spokesperson Kay Oberbeck saying that it's a welcome ruling because it provides everyone with legal certainty.

Via BBC News