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Add-on puts kibosh on YouTube commentards

YouTube attracts the web's worst commenters

Q: What's more painful than reading the comments under a YouTube video? A: Nothing short of a dose of Ebola and a quick swim in a vat of acid.

The inane comments on Google's video-sharing site have long been a source of annoyance for anyone with a brain, so it's heartening to come across a way to filter out the worst of the worst.

YouTube Comment Snob is a Firefox add-on that seeks out comments it rates as poor on several counts and zaps them from existence – at least, as far as displaying them on your screen is concerned.

Nary sweary

Developer Christopher Finke explains what his smart piece of code looks for:

"More than # spelling mistakes: The number of mistakes is customizable, and the extension uses Firefox's built-in spell checker. All capital letters. No capital letters. Doesn't start with a capital letter. Excessive punctuation (!!!! ????). Excessive capitalization. Profanity."

In other words, Comment Snob combines the best qualities of the grammar police and a Sunday school teacher. We like the cut of its jib. LOLZ, ROTFL – u r da best. Oops...