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BT Vision launches PictureBox in UK

For a fiver a month, viewers can choose from a constantly refreshed selection of 28 films

BT Vision is launching the Universal Pictures movies-on-demand service PictureBox in the UK on Monday 5 May.

PictureBox is already available via Top Up TV and Tiscali TV in the UK. You can see links to the right of this news for more on those services.

"For just £5 a month, viewers can choose from a constant selection of 28 films, including great titles like The Bourne Ultimatum, Knocked Up, Atonement, The Kingdom and Elizabeth: The Golden Age," BT Vision’s press release informs us.

The service will provide a broad selection of past and current feature films with 28 titles available at any given time. Films will be refreshed constantly, with new titles being added each week.