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Virgin Media responds to BT's fibre optic rollout

Virgin is already offering 50Mb broadband to customers
Virgin is already offering 50Mb broadband to customers

BT announced that it is ramping up its super-fast broadband plans for the UK this week, bringing speedy web access to Britain quicker than first anticipated.

Virgin Media has responded to this, however, believing that BT's plans still aren't quick enough.

Speaking to TechRadar, a Virgin spokesperson told us: "People in the UK do not have to wait for BT. Virgin Media already offers the fastest broadband in the country with its ultra-fast 50Mb service."

More speed

The service Virgin is referring to has been around since December 2008 and is currently available to Virgin customers for £51 a month, or £35 for those also signing up for a landline phone at £11 a month.

The spokesperson also told us: "By the end of this summer we will have completed our next generation roll out to 12.5 million homes and we're already piloting 200Mb. We've been saying for years that fibre optic broadband is the future."