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Sneak peek: new Kudos C30 speakers

These are the first pictures of Kudos' new flagship floorstanding speaker, the C30. The sneak prototype shots show the new speaker - designed by ex- Neat design manager Derek Gillian - fresh from the factory. Its first public showing at Heathrow's London Sound & Vision Show 2007 over the weekend of 22 September 2007.

The Cardea range

The new C30 will sit at the top of the Kudos' Cardea range, a three-strong portfolio of loudspeakers, all using specially designed Norweigan SEAS drive units, individually tailored for each model. The flagship C30 is a two-and-a-half-way floorstander using the SEAS Crescendo tweeter, which a Kudos spokesman described as "almost certainly the finest treble unit available".

The newcomer is certainly something of a statement product for the brand, which only formed back in 2005, and it will likely carry a hefty price tag of around £5,000 when it launches later in 2007.

All of Kudos' cabinets are made in the UK, however, and the assembly of the C30 flagship is carried out in this country, which goes some way to justify the price tag. Additionally, all Cardea models are finished to a 'furniture grade' and are available in cherry, walnut, sycamore and rosenut real wood veneers.