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Asus announces 'world's safest motherboards'

Asus - offering the world's safest mobo
Asus - offering the world's safest mobo

Asus has announced what it terms the world's safest motherboards – with Asus Protect 3.0 featuring protection shields, anti-surge features, and system-optimized efficiency.

The company believes that it has set a new standard in 'total motherboard protection' with the launch of the ASUS Protect 3.0 Design which 'helps protect the earth, systems, and users.'

Triple protection

That's because the motherboards are equipped with 'intelligent anti-radiation shielding' which will apparently lower transmission of harmful radiation by up to 50 per cent – that's the bit that protects the users.

Anti-surge protection helps enhance component and system longevity, which is obviously the part which protects the system.

And the boards also include the ASUS EPU (Energy Processing Unit) chip to 'reduce system-wide power consumption by up to 80.23% and to ensure a more environmentally sustainable operation.'

"In fact, 10 million EPU-enabled motherboards can help eliminate up to 207,430 tons of CO2 - equivalent to Australia's annual carbon emissions," Asus' release insists.