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Panasonic satnav: 5-inch touchscreen, 3D maps

Panasonic introduced the high-end Strada sat-nav system to European users at IFA 2007 in Berlin last week.

Apparently already a hit in the US and Japan, the Panasonic Strada CN-GP50N combines Panasonic's core picture, audio and multimedia technologies, and is equipped with a 5-inch 16:9 touchscreen display. It offers voice commands, so you can set your destination while driving in a safe way, and comes preloaded with maps of 37 European countries and some 1.3 million POIs.

The maps are enhanced with 3D display of major landmarks, a lane assistant to inform of which lane to drive in, and speed information to warn you when you're about to go over the speed limit.

The Panasonic CN-GP50N also offers real-time traffic information (RDS-TMC) display if you have a compatible receiver. There's also Bluetooth, USB2 connectivity, SD card support and an image viewer that supports both JPEG and BMP formats.

The keyboard layout can be set to either ABCD, QWERTY or the French AZERTY, whichever you prefer and are used to.

Measuring 128 x 84 x 30mm, the Panasonic CN-GP50N offers four hours of battery life and comes with a charging adaptor. No price has been set but the unit is scheduled to go on sale in October.