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YouTube prompted Blur's unlikely reunion

Blur re-united through the wonders of online video
Blur re-united through the wonders of online video

Blur have finally re-united after months of speculation, and it seems that modern technology had a part to play in the band getting back together.

Damon Albarn, the band's lead singer, has revealed in an interview that it was re-living the band's heyday through YouTube that spurred on the reunion. "I went online and watched a load of our old stuff just to remind myself what we were like," said Albarn.

The magic of Blur

Graham Coxon, who famously fell out with the band in 2002 during the recording of their last album ThinkTank was also using YouTube as a source of nostalgia, revealing: "What happened was that I encountered that magic of Blur performances again through sites like YouTube."

Blur will re-form for a one-off gig in London's Hyde Park in July of next year, but there's much rumour and speculation that the group will also take the stage at Glastonbury.

Let's hope the band are right now furiously YouTube-ing their 1998 performance at the famous festival.