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YouTube gets dedicated HD section

YouTube gets serious with HD
YouTube gets serious with HD

YouTube has made it easier for its users to access high-definition content, by creating a dedicated HD tab on the site.

Point your browser towards the Videos section of the site and there next to the Most Popular and Most Viewed tabs is the HD button.

Currently, the number one hi-def video is the brilliantly emotive (the music gets TechRadar every time) 'Where The Hell Is Matt?' But, more importantly, the fantastically rude hip-hop parody 'Jizz In My Pants' has sneaked in to nab the number two spot.

100 best

Hi-def on YouTube is nothing new, with videos appearing in the format since November. YouTube's HD videos apparently run at 720p quality.

However, for the site to get its own dedicated HD channel means that they see hi-def content, no matter how short the clip, as a viable entertainment source.

So far, the site limited the HD content to: 100 all-time best HD videos, 100 viewed today, this week and this month.