This is the best massage gun I've ever tried (and I've tried lots of fitness tech) – and it's 46% off in the after-Christmas sales

Bob and Brad Q2 mini
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You might be a seasoned gym-bunny who has a longtime love affair with the barbell, or you might be taking your first tentative steps into fitness this year as part of a "new year, new you" push for 2024. On the other hand (like me), you might wake up with a crick in your neck with bunched-up muscles from hunching over a laptop. 

Either way, this is the best massage gun deal to get in the after-Christmas sales. The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini massage gun is a fantastic pocket rocket, earning five stars in our review, and right now in the US it's down from $129.99 to just $69.99 at Amazon, a saving of 46%

In the UK? We've got you covered too. The price of the massage gun fluctuates a bit (it's been over £160 before) but it has now settled at £79.99, still a fantastic buy and the perfect balance for us between quality and affordability. Check out the deals in full below:

Get the massage gun deal here:

Bob and Brad massage gun Q2 Mini:was $129.99now $69.99 at Amazon USIn the UK: £79.99 at Amazon UK

Bob and Brad massage gun Q2 Mini: was $129.99 now $69.99 at Amazon US
In the UK: now £79.99 at Amazon UK
The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini massage gun is a fantastic pocket rocket, and the best massage gun for the price we've ever tried. It's normally at $129.99 in the US, but right now it's at $70 (and £79.99 in the UK), making it even better value. 

Getting a massage gun can make all the difference between living with stiff, sore muscles and moving freely, with less pain. The research found massage guns offer similar benefits to foam rolling and stretching, offering greater freedom of movement and less perceived pain during studies from the likes of the University of Winchester. 

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini is small and light, making it easy to stuff in a backpack or gym bag. It comes with a travel case and five heads, from a ball-shaped softer head to move over muscle tissue to a harder, pointed plastic head to target smaller trigger points. It's got good battery life and five motor intensity levels, so with the different heads, you have 25 total setting options. 

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