Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini: the five-star gadget every gym bag deserves

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun is a great pocket-sized percussive massage solution

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini
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TechRadar Verdict

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini is a powerful, effective percussive massage solution for most people, likely to satisfy the needs of all but seriously high-performing amateur athletes. The gun comes in a convenient carry case, works remarkably well – even at the lowest power levels – and the battery lasts for a good amount of time with moderate use.


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    More powerful than leading mini guns

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    Good value


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    Not powerful enough for professionals

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Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini: One minute review

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini is really, really good. I’ve been using it for about a month, and following the completion of a grueling fitness challenge, the percussive massage helped to retain my range of motion and get recovery back on track. In fact, I enjoyed using it so much that I'll continue to use it going forward. Especially impressive is the power output relative to its small size. With five settings to choose from, and up to five heads in varying degrees of width, you have 25 different combinations available. It's certainly the best massage gun I've tried so far.

You can put up to 32lbs of force onto a very small point, allowing you to target specific muscular knots in addition to larger areas. In comparison, the Theragun Pro deals 60lbs of force at almost five times the price; our previous top gun, the Power Plate Mini +, offers only 25lbs of force.  

The battery life is said to last about 4 hours following a 3.5-hour charge – and in my experience, the 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery meets and exceeds that. Fortunately, the charger is USB-C, so it’s pretty ubiquitous and universal. We’d like it to charge more quickly, of course, but it isn't the biggest pain to leave it on for an afternoon. 

The brushless motor is very quiet – not whisper-quiet, but close – and revs up to a maximum 3000rpm. All in all, for a unit that’s essentially the size of a bottle of water, I can’t recommend it enough. The Bob and Brad massage gun comes in a convenient carry case, and you’ll find it easy to slip into a rucksack or gym bag. 

Serious athletes looking for bigger batteries and more power might opt for a premium-priced Theragun, but for everyday gym-goers and runners looking for a smaller, cost-effective percussive massage solution, this is an easy recommendation.

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini: Specifications

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Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini
Price$69.99 / £79.99 / AU$109.99
Dimensions5.7-in L x 3.5-in H
BatteryRechargable, 4 hours
Settings 5
Heads 5

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini: Price & release date

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini

(Image credit: Matt Evans)
  • $69.99 in US
  • £79.99 in UK
  • AU$109.99 in Australia

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini currently costs $69.99 / £79.99 / AU$109.99 from Amazon, although you can find it via other third-party retailers. That's cheaper than our other top massage gun, the Power Plate Mini +, making a massage gun of this size and quality a really good value pick.  

Should you buy the Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini?

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini

(Image credit: Matt Evans)
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Design5 / 5
Features5 / 5
Performance5 / 5
Total5 / 5

Buy it if...

You want a cheap percussive massage gun

These devices can be expensive, but the Q2 Mini costs less than $150 / £100, and delivers great value for money.

You want a portable solution

Not into big handsets? The Q2 Mini delivers 32lbs of force from a package less than 6 inches in length. 

Exercise is a hobby

If you’re not a professional athlete, and just someone who runs and gyms regularly, you don’t need a professional-grade device – the Q2 Mini will do the job.  

Don't buy it if...

You’re a professional athlete

Need more force placed on your muscles for optimum range of motion and recovery? The Q2 Mini can’t compete with the Theragun Pro. 

You’re religious about stretching

Honestly, for the sort of exercise levels that the Bob and Brad is targeting with this massage gun, you could probably negate the need for light use entirely by following a rigorous mobility routine. 

You want more options

Some massage guns come with around 10 different heads, while this unit only offers five. If you want more versatility, we'd shop around. 

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini: Also consider

Bob and Brad massage gun Q2 Mini

(Image credit: Matt Evans)
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Also consider
ComponentBob and Brad Massage GunPower Plate Mini +
Price$129.99 / £79.99 $179.99 / £179.95
Dimensions5.7in x 3.5in L x H5.9in x 3.5in L x H
BatteryRechargable, 4 hoursRechargable, 5 hours
Settings 54
Heads 52

The Power Plate Mini+ was our previous top massage gun, and it’s a thing of beauty with outstanding build quality. It isn't quite as powerful as the Bob and Brad gun, it has fewer settings, and it’s slightly more expensive; but it offers longer battery life to make up for it. 

How I tested the Bob and Brad Massage Gun Q2 Mini

I’ve been testing the Bob and Brad gun on and off for about a month, running down its battery and using multiple attachments to loosen and increase the mobility in my neck, shoulders and calves. I’ve tested each different head on each different setting.

The product might best be used to increase the range of motion in your muscles after exercise. Percussive massage doesn’t decrease recovery time, but research shows it can decrease perceived feelings of soreness and improve muscular range of motion. 

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First reviewed April 2023

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