The best Amazon Prime Day phone deals for every budget, from $150 to $1,000

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There's still time to find the best Amazon Prime Day phone deal, and if you're shopping for a phone with a specific budget in mind, we've got you covered. 

We've found deals at every price point, from the most expensive phones you can buy all the way to the most affordable handsets, here's where we'd spend our cash for the last few hours of Amazon Prime Day. 

The best Prime Day phone deals for every budget

The best phone for $900+

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,379.99now $979.99 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: was $1,379.99 now $979.99 on Amazon
You can find our best phone overall, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, for just under $900, but with 8K video recording and amazing photography skills, you might want to upgrade the storage capacity. For just under $1000, you can max out the internal storage to 512GB and get almost 30% off the best phone with the most space to hold your footage. You can't find a more capable camera phone around at any price.

The best phone for $800+

Motorola Razr Plus: $999.99now $849.99

Motorola Razr Plus: was $999.99 now $849.99
The Motorola Razr Plus 2023 is brand new, so we weren't expecting such a big discount so soon. You can find this phone cheap if you sign a carrier agreement, but Amazon has the best price we've seen for an unlocked phone with no commitments or trade. This phone really amazed us in our review with its huge cover display, and we don't expect a better flip phone any time soon, not at a better price, for sure. 

The best phone for $700+

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: $999.99now $749.99 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: was $999.99 now $749.99 on Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is the middle child of the Galaxy S23 family, but that doesn't mean it's an underachiever. It's the right size, it packs plenty of photographic punch, and it uses the same fast Snapdragon processor as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Amazon has the high-capacity 512GB model on sale for the lowest price we've seen, so if you plan on recording a ton of video with that 8K-capable camera, this is the Galaxy S23 Plus you need to buy.   

The best phone for $600+

Google Pixel 7 Pro: $899now $649 on Amazon

Google Pixel 7 Pro: was $899 now $649 on Amazon
The only thing we like more than the great cameras on Google's flagship Pixel 7 Pro is a great price drop on the Pixel 7 Pro. This Amazon Prime Day deal brings the best Pixel camera phone to its lowest price ever by $50, making it a great bargain. There are new Pixels coming in a few months, but we don't expect much lower prices to follow, so this is a great Prime Day phone deal.

The best phone for $500+

OnePlus 11: $699.99now $569.99 on Amazon

OnePlus 11: was $699.99 now $569.99 on Amazon
The OnePlus 11 was a great bargain when it landed, offering premiere performance and an interesting array of portrait cameras tuned with help from esteemed camera maker Hasselblad. The phone has a unique design that will stand out from the crowd, and this deal is the best price we've seen on this slick Android flagship-killer. 

The best phone for $400+

Google Pixel 7a: $499$449 on Amazon

Google Pixel 7a: was $499 now $449 on Amazon
When we first reviewed the Pixel 7a, we liked the power and the photos but suggested waiting for a price drop. Well, here's that price drop, and it isn't huge but it makes the Pixel 7a an even better buy if you want the latest Google Tensor G2 chipset and all the exclusive features it brings at the lowest possible price. It might get cheaper eventually, but this is the best price we've seen so far.

The best phone for $300+

Samsung Galaxy A54: $449.99 $349.99 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A54: was $449.99 now $349.99 on Amazon
At full price the Galaxy A54 was a bargain 5G phone, giving you a great Samsung design that looks like its best Galaxy S phones, along with a top notch screen and a big battery. It's only been around a few months, but this is still the lowest price we've seen so far, making it a solid deal on a phone that was already nicely priced.

The best phone for $200+

Google Pixel 6a: $349$249 on Amazon

Google Pixel 6a: was $349 now $249 on Amazon
The Pixel 6a is such a remarkable deal, offering amazing Google-exclusive features and plenty of power to take great photos. At its old price, it was on our list of best phones because it was already such a strong bargain, but at $50 lower than the lowest price we've seen, this phone is now a steal. Buy two instead of whatever $500 phone you're also considering, you'll be happier.

The best phone for under $150

Motorola Moto G Stylus: $299.99$133.54 on Amazon

Motorola Moto G Stylus: was $299.99 now $133.54 on Amazon
For such a bargain, the Moto G Stylus from Motorola is something of a marvel. Usually you need to spend almost a thousand dollars to get a nice phone with a big enough screen that also manages to hide a stylus inside. The Moto G Stylus gives you convenient writing tucked inside a 6.8-inch display, with a big battery to boot. If you need a nice phone and handy note taking for a rock bottom price, check out the Moto G Stylus. 

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