Love a good story? Grab 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited or Audible ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Kindle Unlimited on the Kindle app and a Kindle ereader
Kindle Unlimited toimii niin kännykässä kuin lukulaitteessakin. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Been thinking about trying out an audiobook for the first time? Or maybe you've been pondering whether to substitute dragging that 1000-page fantasy novel to the office with you every morning for one of the best ereaders. Well, with these Kindle Unlimited or Audible deals, you can try the best of both worlds at no cost for a limited time – you don't even need a Kindle to do so.

These offers, however, are only available to Prime members, so it's not completely free if you're not already a subscriber. Moreover, you also need to be a new subscriber – so if you’ve already tried or taken advantage of a free trial for either Kindle Unlimited or Audible, you aren’t eligible for this extended free trial. 

Even if you're not already a Prime member, AU$9.99 to snag three months of Kindle Unlimited is well worth it – not to mention the delivery benefits and the other perks that are part of Prime that you get, including free access to Prime Music, Twitch prizes and Prime Video You can read our in-depth guide to What is Amazon Prime to find out more about a subscription. 

Of course, you can cancel once the three-month extended trial is over, though we have a feeling you'll struggle to go without once you've had a taste of what Kindle Unlimited has to offer.

Kindle Unlimited | 3 months free, then AU$13.99p/m

Kindle Unlimited | 3 months free, then AU$13.99p/m (save AU$27.98)

If you're an avid reader or listener of stories, then there really aren't many more valuable subscriptions than Kindle Unlimited. Offering access to a ridiculously large library of e-books, plus thousands of audiobooks on any device through the Kindle app or any Kindle ereader, this is a must-have deal to sate your need for new titles. While Amazon says your savings total just under AU$42, the actual saving is AU$27.98 as the first 30 days are a free trial for new subscribers anyway. If you don’t like the service, you can always cancel any time or just before the free trial ends.


Audible | 3 months free, then AU$16.45p/m (save AU$32.90)

Prefer to listen to stories rather than read? Then you’ll do well with an Audible subscription as compared to Kindle Unlimited. And, ahead of Prime Day 2024, Amazon is again offering a three-month free trial as opposed to the usual 30 days for new customers. Audible gives you the chance to listen to thousands of Originals as well as plenty of other hot titles, including exclusive discounts on several. You also get to keep any purchase you make if you cancel your subscription.

Obviously, the reading experience is going to be better on one of our best Kindles – the e-paper screen is really a game changer – but reading on your phone or tablet is nothing to sneeze at. And given all the latest Kindles have Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair a set of wireless headphones and log into Audible too.. 

Heck, you can read one book and switch between reading the e-book and listening to the audiobook, and you can pick up where you leave off between Amazon devices too. For example, if you listen to an audiobook via your Echo smart speaker, you can start reading on a Kindle where you stopped listening… if you have both the audio and ebook editions of a title of course. So you can read it on the way home from work and listen to eat while you lay in bed – the possibilities are endless.

Whether you've been itching to re-read the Harry Potter for the fifth time, need to fill your Bridgerton cravings, bestsellers from Colleen Hoover or catch up on classics like Crime and Punishment or War and Peace, Kindle Unlimited truly has a lot – and you can have it all for free for a limited time.

Note that these offers – on both the Kindle Unlimited and Audible – end July 17 and are available only to Prime members. If you’re not keen on storytelling, you can take a look at our dedicated Amazon Prime Day 2024 coverage to find some of the best early deals to had right now. You can also save via our Amazon coupon codes for July.

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