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Tap tap tap Camera+ review

Take better photos on your iPhone without upgrading your hardware

Tap tap tap Camera+
Possibly the best camera app in the AppStore - as long as Apple re-approve it

Our Verdict

Despite drawbacks, it trumps Apple's Camera app


  • Adds useful features
  • Convincing, fun effects


  • Beautiful design
  • A bit slow

The Camera app that comes on the iPhone by default is, frankly, a bit rubbish. Oh, the camera's fine, and the app can take some decent shots, but it doesn't offer you much creative control. This is where Camera+ excels.

The app has two parts: one for taking photos and one for editing them. The 'taking' bit is deceptively simple; by default, it overlays a Rule of Thirds grid to help you compose better shots, and you can activate an anti-vibration mode that, when triggered, automatically takes a photo only when the camera is held still.

Better still, while the default Camera app enables you to touch on an area to set both focus and exposure, Camera+ lets you touch with two fingers to set the focus and exposure points independently.

Flash modes are supported, and you can even turn the flash just to 'on', transforming your iPhone into a handy torch.

The range of effects you can apply in the editing mode is broad and split into three categories for easy navigation. Better still, the effects are actually of a very high quality (let's not forget, this is on a smartphone).

We'd still like proper manual control or even just an opacity slider, though. Soon after we'd reviewed Camera+ it mysteriously disappeared from the App Store. A quick investigation revealed that it had fallen foul of some of Apple's more indiosyncratic App Store policies, despite having previously been accepted.

A hidden feature enabled you to use the iPhone's volume buttons as a camera shutter button. This facility could be activated simply by visiting a website.

We expect that the app will be back on the Store by the time you're reading this – after the hidden feature has been removed completely, of course.

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