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Chillingo Cut the Rope review

Cut the Rope is the most addictive game for touchscreens since Angry Birds

Chillingo Cut the Rope
A game that requires skill and speed to win, Cut the Rope is an addictive masterpeice


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Good mix of puzzles and challenges
  • Price


  • Some require frustrating accuracy

This is what touchscreen gaming is all about. Cut the Rope is everything we love about the iPad – fantastic graphics, incredible personality, and touchscreen controls that genuinely make you feel part of the game.

Cutting ropes with a slice of a finger, popping balloons with a tap, and in later levels, dragging elements around with wheels and latches somehow never feels old.

Every level has the same basic objective – to feed the candy to a monster (the adorable Om Nom) while also collecting three stars – but the amount of imagination put into the obstacles, together with constant drip-feed of new stuff, stops it becoming dull.

The only slight problem is that the level of precision required can occasionally confuse the game, typically resulting in you popping a bubble rather than cutting the rope that's holding it down. The short levels stop this getting too frustrating, though – even in a worst-case scenario, you only have to replay 10 seconds worth of a level.

Cut the Rope sits in the perfect middle ground of action and strategy, with some levels acting as puzzles, others speed-reaction challenges, and most sitting somewhere in the middle, where pulling off a three-star victory requires wits, skill and sometimes a little luck, too.

If not for the fact that we've now finished all of Cut the Rope's levels, most of them to three-star level, we'd still be playing it now. It easily beats Angry Birds, Air Control and every other game we've played on the iPad so far. All we need now are some more levels to get our teeth into…

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