Panasonic KX-PX30E

Pricey printing, but is it worth every penny?

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Our Verdict

The Panasonic’s prints were good, but it can only print from SD cards and is likely to be of more interest to Panasonic owners than anyone else. The price seems high, too


  • Good quality prints
  • Nice screen


  • Expensive
  • Limited card compatibility
  • Slow

The Panasonic PX30 is still very new and it could be a while before prices settle down properly.

As it is, though, it does look expensive for what is a fairly ordinary dye-sub printer.

It does have special enhancement options for pictures taken on Lumix digital cameras and it can also print on 'widescreen' sheets as well as regular 6 x 4-inch paper, but on the other hand, it can only print from SD cards (or via Pictbridge), so it's less versatile in that respect than some rival printers.

Sluggish operation

The laptop-style lid means the screen is protected while the printer's not being used, but while the screen is clear and colourful, it took a long time to render photos when we used the menus to make adjustments, drawing them painfully slowly almost a line at a time.

The printed results were good, though.