Asus Eee Top ET2010AGT review

A low end all-in-one PC with rudimentary touch capabilities

Asus EeeTop ET2010AGT
The new Asus EeeTop ET2010AGT features netbook specs - or does it?

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Compact design

  • +

    Nothing more to buy

  • +

    Hefty enough to handle 720p

  • +

    Full Windows 7 64-bit


  • -

    Tough to upgrade

  • -

    Shoddy touch screen

  • -

    Vertical touch screens are horrible

  • -

    Weak against similarly priced competition

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Touchscreens are the computing flavour of the moment. It's hard to argue otherwise given the success of the iPad and the tablet market that's quickly rising beside it.

We don't necessarily think the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Dell Streak are going to change the world, but they are out there, on the shelves. And so, now, is the Eee Top ET2010AGT all-in-one touchscreen PC.

It makes sense that everyone would want a slice of the pie, from mobile manufacturers to proper PC makers such as Asus. Soon enough, your 40-inch TV and your washing machine will have multi-touch functionality. It's the game to be playing.

Thing is, there are two kinds of touchscreen computer; those that work, and those that don't. You don't want to have to get up and wipe your fists all over your washing machine just to select the spin cycle. And Asus' latest Eee Top, while it's not a washing machine and it is a decent PC in it's own right, doesn't spell the end of the mouse just yet.

We'll get to the precise reasons why in a little while, though for now let's say the execution is shaky, the form factor doesn't suit touch like the tablet does, and we're not entirely sure why the touch screen is there other than to tick a box. Oh, and it runs Windows 7. Ever tried to use Windows 7 with a touchscreen interface? Yeah. It's not up to much.