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Free Video Editor review

A very limited editing tool that just about covers the basics

Our Verdict

Compared to DVDVideoSoft's other free software – particularly the superb Free Studio – Free Video Editor is something of a disappointment. It's fine for very simple jobs, but has nothing special to offer.


  • Very simple to use


  • Can only edit single video clips
  • Limited export options
  • No filters or effects

Free Video Editor (formerly known as Free Video Dub) is a simple video editing tool for trimming footage and converting it to AVI, GIF, MKV, MP3 (audio only) or JPG format (still images only).

Free Video Editor

Download here:

Type: Video editor

Developer: DVDVideoSoft

Operating system: Windows

Version: 1.4

It missed out on a spot in our roundup of the best free editors for one main reason: with Free Video Editor, it's only possible to cut and tweak a single clip. You can’t combine video clips, images and audio files into a single project and export it as you can with a more powerful program like VideoPad or Lightworks. 

Free Video Editor is best for simple tasks like preparing a video clip shot on your phone for uploading to YouTube or Facebook (rotating, cutting and volume adjustment are all useful tools), but most phones now come equipped with apps to do the same job, limiting its usefulness. 

User experience

This is as easy to use as the rest of DVDVideoSoft’s multimedia software – drag a video file into the main editing window and you’re ready to begin. The interface is simple and uncluttered, with a main playback window, audio waveform, timeline, and a small selection of editing buttons.

Cutting is easy – just select start end end points, then click the appropriate button. Unfortunately, other than the aforementioned volume and orientation settings, there’s very little else on offer. The Options menu promises more features in exchange for a subscription fee, but DVDVideoSoft’s store provides no guidance on what these might be.

Another drawback is the lack of export settings – you can choose a file format, and that’s it. There’s no way to set the quality or size of the encoded video or rename it. You can’t export directly to YouTube either, and there are no ready-made profiles for mobile devices (though MP4 will be fine in most cases).

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