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Toshiba 40SL753 review

Toshiba makes its edge LED debut, with hit and miss results

Toshiba 40SL753
This is Toshiba's first LED edge lit TV


  • Tasteful design
  • Fair value
  • Bright and colourful picture
  • Black level response
  • Good connectivity


  • Bland operating system
  • Backlight inconsistency
  • Slight motion blur
  • Very limited viewing angle
  • No online features
  • DNLA only works with Windows 7

Toshiba has been doing brisk business over the past year or two at the budget end of the LCD TV market. Which has been good news for the consumer, since the brand has delivered more quality bangs per buck than any of the more traditional budget-oriented brands.

However, the preoccupation with value has caused Toshiba to fall a little behind the curve in technological terms. For instance, none of its TVs has so far featured online connectivity. And even more surprisingly, none of its TVs have so far used edge LED technology. Until now.

The 40SL753 is a 40-inch LCD TV that uses LEDs ranged around the edges of its screen to light its pictures and to enabling that impressively slim profile.

It doesn't aspire to the slenderness of Samsung's edge LED range, but it's certainly trimmer than Toshiba's usually chunky efforts.

While the SL753 series is the first edge-lit Toshiba TV we've tested, it's not the only one in the manufacturer's lineup.

The premium WL753 series adds YouTube connectivity and 200Hz to the SL753's specification and comes in 40-inch (40WL753), 46-inch (46WL753) and 55-inch (55WL753) flavours, while the SL753 series is also available in 32-inch and 46-inch options in addition to the 40-inch model on test here.