Sony KDL-37EX524

The fast-disappearing 37-inch category gets a shot in the arm courtesy of this Sony model

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  • Good price
  • Mostly excellent 'smart TV' features
  • Superb black levels for an edge LED TV


  • Resolution loss with motion
  • Images aren't especially bright by edge LED standards
  • The set's build quality isn't the best

Not so long ago, 37-inch TVs were the most popular size in Britain. In 2011, though, they seem to be a dying breed, with fewer and fewer models finding their way into TV ranges. Sony, for instance, only has two 37-inch TVs in its latest range, including the KDL-37EX524 we're looking at today.

This gradual 37-inch death seems more down to manufacturing issues and the relatively little difference (in price as well as size terms) between 37-inch and 40-inch TVs than the fact that there aren't still plenty of UK punters who want to buy one, though. So here's hoping that the 37EX524 gives the increasingly ill-served 37-inch TV fanbase something to sink their teeth - and cash - into.

The EX524 series sits relatively low down Sony's current TV range, so it's no surprise to find the 37EX524 shorn of any 3D playback options. It's also predictably not one of Sony's opulently designed 'Monolith' sets, with their sheer glass fascias. Instead it looks reasonably but certainly not spectacularly cute in its attractively two-tone but disappointingly plasticky and 'raised bezel' chassis. It's very slim, though, thanks to its edge LED illumination system.

With no 3D talents to yell about, it falls to the 37EX524's Bravia Internet Video (BIV) services to provide its headline feature, along with a wealth of multimedia support that includes DLNA streaming and file playback from USB storage devices.

Alongside the 37EX524 can be found the 32-inch 32EX524, the 40-inch 40EX524 and the 46-inch 46EX524, while moving one step higher up Sony's range gets you to Sony's NX723 series, which introduce 200Hz scanning, toughened 'Gorilla Glass', and Sony's Monolithic design.

If the EX524 series is too rich for your blood, Sony's next series down is the EX523 series, which lack the USB HDD recording and presence sensor functions of the EX524s. But for now, let's get back to the business of putting the 37EX524 through its paces.