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Samsung UE60D8000 review

LED TV is the ultimate mix of Smart technology and picture performance

Samsung UE60D8000
The D8000 Series from Samsung may be pricey, but the picture quality is near faultless


  • Gorgeous styling
  • Rich, vivid pictures
  • Smart portal is second-to-none


  • It's not cheap
  • Sound performance doesn't do the screen justice
  • Smart Hub can be overwhelming

The Samsung UE60D8000 is the brand's most advanced LED screen yet. A 60-inch, 3D-capable and Smart TV-enabled flatscreen with drop-dead gorgeous looks, it sports a take-no-prisoners £4,300 price tag.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, app store, web browser, media streaming and smartphone control, the UE60D8000 enters the upper echelons of the HDTV market, and faces stiff competition.

First and foremost it has to contend with Panasonic's TX-P65VT30, which claims an extra five inches of screen real estate and a loyal band of followers. Consumers will also be looking at the LG 60PZ950T, Philips' 58-inch Cinema 21:9 and Samsung's own 64-inch D8000 plasma.

While it's the flagship set in Samsung's LED range, you can get the D8000 in smaller, more affordable versions. There are 55-inch, 46-inch and 40-inch models on sale for around £2,500, £1800 and £1,300 respectively.

Once out of the box and attached to its four-footed stand (you'll need a pal to help you here - the TV isn't particularly heavy, but its sheer size means only a very rich idiot would try to lift it on their own), the UE60D8000 cuts an imposing figure.

Its monster screen is flanked by the thinnest of glistening silver bezels, and it's so slim in terms of depth that you'll find yourself wondering exactly how Samsung has put it together. There's no other TV on the UK market that can match it for sheer wow factor.