• Impressive Smart TV functions
  • Excellent contrast level
  • Extensive picture adjustments
  • Fuss-free 3D implementation
  • Audio performance


  • Crosstalk evident with some 3D material
  • Overall design could be improved
  • Passive 3D brings a drop in resolution

LG is unique in the UK TV market by offering both active and passive 3D sets. The 47LW550T is one of the latter, dubbed Cinema 3D by the Korean brand to help confused consumers realise that it shares the same glasses technology that they've become used to at their local multiplex.

The 47LW550T arrives on retailers' shelves against a backdrop of a bitter active versus passive argument between LG and its rival Samsung, with the latter at pains to point out that the former's Cinema 3D technology cannot display a full HD 3D image. And that's true, because the 47LW550T's screen-mounted polarising filter sends one half of the 1,920 x 1080 Blu-ray image to one eye and the other half to the other. It's what impact that has on picture quality that's important.

First, though, some background info. The 47LW550TT is a 47-inch edge LED-lit set – part of LG's new 2011 range – and is also available in 32-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch guises.

Its living room appeal is helped by a slender design and blue-tinted gloss black bezel, but the frame around the screen is rather wide, meaning the 47LW550TT isn't as eye-catching as Samsung's rival D7000 range.