• Gorgeous menus
  • Easy calibration
  • Simple to use
  • Clean and smooth pictures from all sources


  • Slight lack of sharpness and contrast
  • Some flicker on 100Hz

We've seen the 'one pane' design before from LG, but on this 32-incher it's particularly effective; a single sheet of glass stretches right across the front of the TV and, with no need for a dedicated border, the illusion is of a 'borderless' TV.

It's not – a black screen surround instead sits under the glass – but an upward curved edge on the TV's top and a simple dark aluminium strip along the bottom helps create a classy, understated look.

Don't think its svelte design means it takes up less room than similarly sized sets, because that's not the case, but the LG 32SL8000 does remain a prime candidate for wall hanging.

We say almost because, although it's less than 5cm deep, the inputs on the back would then be hard to reach. Housed in a slight recess are three HDMI sockets, though the 'side panel' – in reality another recessed area almost alongside – presents a fourth HDMI and a USB port.

LG 32sl8000 lcd tv

Unlike a lot of LCD TVs at this price, the 32SL8000 is packed with features that are as useful as they are easy to operate.

The most impressive is the USB media player, which can display JPEG slideshows set to MP3 music as well as various video files – including DivX and DivX HD.

Less crucial is Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones and sending pictures from mobile phone. LG is the only brand that provide Bluetooth, presumably because it's yet to embrace DLNA networking.

Other tech aimed at reproducing HD includes 24p Real Cinema and TruMotion 200Hz, though LG's take on the latter is to provide a scanning backlight alongside a 100Hz filter.

LG 32sl8000 lcd tv

The 32SL8000 32-inch LCD TV also includes Intelligent Sensor II, which takes the ambient light levels in the room and tweaks the TV's brightness accordingly (also saving on energy consumption). In practice it's not really needed; the TV's 'cinema' setting – our preferred viewing mode – proves less bright than any picture produced using Intelligent Sensor II.

Not that any 32-inch TV – even one with Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution – is ultimately going to be judged only on its suitability within a home cinema setting. We're looking for an all-rounder.

If you do fancy something a little bigger, siblings in LG's SL8000 Series include 32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch sets, while the step-up SL9000 Series (42 and 47-inch) use Edge LED technology to backlight the panel. All are certified by the Energy Saving Trust.