Blue Horizon Clean-IT review

A hi-fi cable cleaner with results that need to be heard to be believed

Blue Horizon Clean-IT
This simple solution aims to keep your cables clean and sounding better

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Easy to use

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    Improvement in sound

  • +

    Measured reduction in contact resistance


  • -

    Not night and day stuff

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Blue Horizon is a fairly new arrival on the accessories scene and has probably made most impact with its ‘ProBurn’ cable burn-in device. Clean-IT is rather more mundane; a clear fluid intended to clean electrical contacts, specifically in audio systems.

There are other cleaners around that claim to do exactly the same job, but this one seems different from those we’ve seen before. It has as a base, some organic solvent with a distinctive smell and you simply paint it on to connectors with the brush attached to the cap, then wipe it off with the supplied microfibre cloth.

That it does something is evident from the dirty residue left on the cloth when wiping particularly elderly connectors!

We tried it on various phono plugs and sockets, mains connectors and speaker terminals, with results that varied from nothing we could hear (on relatively new, but well-used speaker terminals) to well worth the expense and trouble (old and visibly tarnished phono leads).

We weren’t sure about the mains connections, in general: some older speaker terminals certainly benefitted a little. But it’s small-signal connections that seem to benefit most, with the sound opening out a little in terms of space and gaining in detail and definition.

It’s not night and day stuff, but it’s persuasive enough to make us want to give it a go every once in a while, to make sure the system’s at its best.

Incidentally, we also did some measurements which suggested contact resistance was halved, so it’s certainly no Christmas fairy story!

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