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Samsung BD-D6900 review

3D Blu-ray playback and Freeview HD bundled up in a single, stylish box

samsung bd-d6900 review
The Samsung BD-D6900 can play back 3D Blu-rays and also has a Freeview HD tuner inside


  • Outstanding feature list
  • Great menu system
  • Smart Hub content
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA
  • Gorgeous design


  • Menus slow to respond
  • Fairly expensive
  • Could do with more catch-up TV
  • Not the greatest build quality
  • Single tuner might be a turn-off

The Samsung BD-D6900 is more than a mere Blu-ray player.

Also lurking inside this svelte silver box is a Freeview HD tuner, bringing you the best of both high-definition worlds in a single space-saving unit.

It's a single-tuner affair, and there's no internal HDD as found on its twin-tuner stable mate, the BD-D8500, but it does support external HDD recording via USB, which could make this an ideal solution if you already have a tuner in your TV.

Being a Samsung product – a company to whom value for money is something of a mission statement – the BD-D6900 is unsurprisingly packed with all the latest techno-tricks, providing hours of entertainment without a Blu-ray disc in sight thanks to its built-in networking capabilities and online access.

But the real eye-catchers are 3D Blu-ray playback and 2D to 3D conversion, something until recently could only be found on 3D TVs.

As ever, the deck benefits from Samsung's unique fashion sense, but here we find the company really pushing the boat out. The BD-D6900 is fitted with a gorgeous silver top panel that beautifully complements its latest range of silver 3D TVs, and everything has been squeezed into an abnormally slim case – at just 33mm high, we've eaten sandwiches thicker than this.

An alluring new addition to the design this year is an LED panel with touch-sensitive controls built right into the display.

samsung bd-d6900

With these buttons, the text display and a discreet disc slot consolidated into a single panel, it leaves the rest of the fascia free from clutter – an important factor in these décor-conscious times. Under a flap on the right you'll find a USB port and a CI slot for adding pay TV channels to the Freeview channel line-up.

The rear panel offers standard socketry, including an HDMI v1.4 output for 3D playback on compatible TVs, but there's no second output for piping HD audio separately, so if you want 3D be sure that your receiver offers 3D pass-through. This is joined by component, composite, analogue stereo and optical digital audio outputs, plus an Ethernet port plus RF input and loopthrough.