Voxi drops two massive triple data SIM-only deals - get 60GB for £12 per month

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No-frills mobile network Voxi has dropped two huge new SIM-only deals that triple the amount of 5G data included in some of its most popular plans. If you're out of contract or an existing customer looking to upgrade, then they're not to be missed.

The first bumps up the existing 20GB SIM to 60GB for £12 per month. Plus, as with most Voxi SIMs, it also includes unlimited social media and unlimited music streaming that won't use up your data.

For those that seriously guzzle through data, you can instead pick up the 100GB SIM, which has now been boosted to a whopping 300GB for £20 per month. In addition to all the same benefits above, it also includes unlimited video streaming on popular apps such as YouTube, Prime Video, TikTok, and Netflix.

Both of these SIM-only deals are available until August 31.

Voxi's best triple data SIM-only deals

Voxi SIM: 20GB60GB for £12 per month

Voxi SIM: was 20GB now 60GB for £12 per month
This is a super-low monthly cost for a good amount of 5G data that will be more than enough for most users. It helps that social media use and video streaming will not eat into your allowance, so you can scroll, share and watch without fear of excess charges. Voxi SIMs are on a 30-day rolling basis, too, so there's more flexibility if you want to cancel or upgrade.

Voxi SIM: 100GB300GB for £20 per month

Voxi SIM: was 100GB now 300GB for £20 per month
Does 60GB of 5G data not sound like enough? How about 300GB? Even with lots of browsing, music and video streaming, gaming, and other downloads, this would be difficult to use each month. Plus, this Voxi SIM includes unlimited social media, music and video use without using your data allowance. All of this for £20 per month is a bargain for data devourers.

Is Voxi a good network?

Voxi is a good choice for heavy social media users after a cheap SIM-only deal because using apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more does not eat into your data allowance each month. Prices are low too, and you're not locked in for years since all of Voxi's SIMs are on 30-day rolling contracts that you can cancel at any time. Plus, it runs off the Vodafone network so coverage is widely available.

Alternatively, if you are less fussed about the free social media use that comes with Voxi but still want a low monthly fee, then you could consider this Smarty SIM with 100GB of data for £12. This is also a flexible 30-day plan but also comes with the benefit of free EU roaming (up to 12GB per month), so it's a great option for travellers and those that visit Europe regularly.

These are all great options to consider if you're considering either of the new foldable phones we're expecting to be announced at the Samsung Unpacked event on Wednesday. We're sure that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 preorders will be live after the livestream and these SIMs would be a great pairing with either device if you buy an SIM-free handset.

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