Some of the Samsung Galaxy S24's key AI features just leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series
The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones are about to get successors (Image credit: Samsung)

As the expected launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S24 draws closer and closer – it's thought to be January 17, 2024 – we're continuing to see leaks and rumors around the features we can look forward to on these flagship smartphones.

Tipster @MysteryLupin (via 9to5Google) has posted what appears to be a rundown of the AI features heading to the Galaxy S24 series. There's live translation between languages, for example, built into the Phone app that Samsung puts on its handset.

Then there's 'nightography' zoom, which seems to be a special kind of image processing for low light images, enabling more details to be captured clearly – even if you need to zoom into your subject from a distance.

A generative edit feature is also mentioned, which seems to match some of the tricks of the Magic Editor you can find in Google Photos on certain Pixel phones: think removing objects or filling in blank spaces with a tap.

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All about the AI

From the headings used in the promotional material, it looks as though some or all of these AI features might be exclusive to the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – though we'll have to wait and see to be sure.

We know that Google has packed plenty of AI magic into its most recent Pixel phones, with more features predicted to follow with the Google Pixel 9 next year, and it would seem that Samsung is keen not to be left behind when it comes to its own handsets.

Rumors around AI being a significant part of the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S24 have been appearing for months now, and previous leaks have pointed to features such as an audio recorder that can automatically transcribe speech from up to 10 different voices.

This latest leak gives us a bit more of an idea of how capable these phones are going to be, and by the middle of next month we'll have the official rundown from Samsung. The upgrades will potentially go way beyond AI features as well.

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