Samsung drops another big hint that Galaxy AI features are coming to Galaxy S22 phones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series
The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra (Image credit: Shutterstock / Bazilik production)

In the immediate aftermath of the Galaxy S24 launch, Samsung all but confirmed to us that Galaxy AI features wouldn’t be coming to the Galaxy S22 series due to hardware limitations. Then, in March, Samsung Mobile boss TM Roh teased that Galaxy AI features could be coming to older Galaxy phones after all. Now, Samsung has given us even more reason to believe that the Galaxy S22 series will get Galaxy AI features in the not-too-distant future. 

In a press release detailing the expansion of supported languages in Galaxy AI, Samsung says the following: "The newly supported Galaxy AI languages and dialects will each be available for download as a language pack from the Settings app across all devices that support Galaxy AI. That includes the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series, with more coming soon."

Note that last phrase. We already know that Galaxy AI is supported on current and previous-generation Samsung phones, so “more coming soon” must necessarily refer to the Galaxy S22 series, the company’s newly released Galaxy A series devices (specifically the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35), or both.

In our opinion, the “more” will include, at the very least, the Galaxy S22 series, since TM Roh confirmed that Samsung is “conducting a lot of review on previous models" in his aforementioned March comments. At the time, the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 hadn’t yet been released, and in any case, they can’t be deemed “previous models.”

If indeed Galaxy AI features are coming to the Galaxy S22 series soon, it suggests they’re not as dependent on top-of-the-line hardware to function as Samsung first feared. In other words, the Galaxy S22’s Exynos 2200 chipset may be able to reckon with the challenges of Galaxy AI after all.

Walk before you run

Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (Image credit: Samsung)

In fairness, Samsung did leave the door open for this compatibility U-turn at Galaxy Unpacked

At the time, Samsung’s Head of Customer Experience, Patrick Chomet, told us: “We are learning, we are going step-by-step. We know that Galaxy AI works well on the Galaxy S24 series and we know it will work well on [the Galaxy S23 series]. But we don’t know what the intensity of AI usage will be for the average customer, and [therefore how that] intensity will impact on-device resources and cloud resources.” 

Now, though, it looks like Samsung has a better understanding of what that impact is.

It’s worth noting that there’s still been no explicit confirmation from Samsung that Galaxy AI features are coming to the Galaxy S22 series, let alone a date for when that might happen. Judging by the company’s latest comments, though – coupled with those made previously by Samsung executives – we’d say that future Galaxy S22 compatibility is a formality at this point.

In the meantime, Galaxy S22 owners can download Samsung’s April security update, which has already begun rolling out to Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S23 devices.

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