Is this the new cheap cell phone plan to beat? US Mobile's Light Plan gets you 1GB of data for just $6/mo

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Prepaid plans have progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few years, while also steadily getting cheaper and cheaper. One of the most cost-effective options I've ever seen is US Mobile's latest introductory 'Light Plan'.

This plan at the well-known prepaid carrier costs just $72 upfront and will bag you 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text for a full year. Averaging out to $6/mo, this is easily one of the outright cheapest cell phone plans on the market right now and a perfect option for those who only need something to cover the basics.

There are a few limitations, of course. Realistically, 1GB of data isn't a huge allowance and most moderate to heavy users will burn through it relatively quickly. It's a hard data cap too, which means your data will be cut off once you reach your limit instead of retaining some limited, slower (usually 2G) connectivity. 

But, if you're someone who relies mostly on a WiFi connection or simple text messaging, the US Mobile Light Plan could be a good choice for you. By comparison, it's slightly cheaper than alternatives from Mint Mobile, Red Pocket and Tello - all of which are around the $10/mo mark or slightly higher.

Super cheap cell phone plan at US Mobile

US Mobile Light Plan: 1GB of data, unl. talk & text, for $6/mo

US Mobile Light Plan: 1GB of data, unl. talk & text, for $6/mo
Light mobile user? US Mobile's latest introductory plan could be the perfect option for you. For just $6 per month ($72 upfront) you get a year of the carrier's 1GB data plan - which includes unlimited talk and text. Sure, you miss out on some perks like mobile hotspot and international calling, but this rock-bottom cell phone plan is perfect if you need something for the bare essentials. 

As a brief overview, US Mobile is a prepaid carrier that runs on the wider Verizon and T-Mobile networks so most people should be covered if you're looking to make the switch. 

While we've outlined the super-cheap Light Plan here, there are other excellent prepaid plans to consider at US Mobile like the Unlimited Flex plan for $15 per month or the Unlimited Starter plan for $23 per month - both of which are some of the cheapest unlimited data plans on the market right now. 

US Mobile also supports both physical SIMs and eSIMs, so a wide range of devices should be readily compatible.

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