iPhone 16 Pro colors leak suggests the iPhone 15 Pro’s best shade won’t be returning

iPhone 15 Pro review back handheld angled camera
The iPhone 15 Pro (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max might not be the phones to buy if you like interesting or unusual colors for your smartphone, as according to a leak the selection of shades will be quite conservative.

This comes from a leaker posting on Chinese site Weibo (via MacRumors and @VNchocoTaco), who claims that the iPhone 16 Pro (and presumably also the iPhone 16 Pro Max) will be sold in Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose shades.

For reference, the iPhone 15 Pro is available in Natural Titanium, Blue Titanium, Black Titanium, and White Titanium. So, based on this leak there will once again be black and white options, though this year’s white shade will apparently be more silvery, similar to the silver iPhone 14 Pro.

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The rumored Space Black shade is also unsurprisingly said to be similar to the iPhone 14 Pro’s Space Black, so in both cases slightly different to the current black and white options. Gray is likely a grayer take on Natural Titanium, so again, more of a tweak than a completely different shade.

The only shade that's rumored to be substantially different, then, is Rose, which – based on the color shown in the X post above – is more of a rose gold than a pink. While this shade isn’t available on the iPhone 15 Pro though, it’s a common, popular color choice for phones, and it’s apparently replacing the Titanium Blue iPhone 15 Pro.

Titanium Blue is arguably the most interesting and unusual color you can get Apple’s current Pro phones in, so if it’s replaced by a rather less unusual rose gold shade that will be disappointing for some, although like popular with the many rose gold fans.

Four familiar shades

So this could make for the most pedestrian selection of Pro iPhone color options we’ve seen in a while, which would be a shame. It’s a problem that could also be easily solved if Apple simply offered more than four color choices, which isn't many, especially for such a popular line of phones.

The company sells the standard iPhone 15 in five shades (and a far more interesting selection of shades at that), so it seems odd that it doesn't offer a similar range for its flagship models.

Still, while we don’t expect Apple to suddenly start selling Pro iPhones in bold and bright shades, it’s possible that this leak is inaccurate, so here’s hoping that there’s at least one interesting iPhone 16 Pro color option.

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