I didn't plan to buy this cheap super-fast Samsung charger on Prime Day, but it was too good to pass up

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I have to say that this wasn't the plan when Prime Day rolled around. I was all set and ready to buy a new TV – ideally the Samsung S90C. But I've ended up with a very different Samsung product entirely. And it's a phone charger, of all things. 

So, what have I gone and bought? It's this Samsung Galaxy Official 35W Duo Super-Fast Charger for £13.99. Usual price? £24.99. How dull. But wait - it's a damn good one, and it's super cheap. And it also means my bank balance is a healthy £1,500 better off after the two-day sale too.

Cheap Samsung charger deal for Prime Day

Samsung Galaxy Official 35W Duo Super-Fast Charger: £24.99£13.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Official 35W Duo Super-Fast Charger: was £24.99 now £13.99 at Amazon
One day I got caught with very little phone battery and not a lot of time to charge my Galaxy S23 Plus before leaving the office. Safe to say I'll never run into that issue again after picking up this super-fast 35W Samsung Galaxy charger. It's extremely handy and an absolute steal at 50% off. It even comes with a second USB-A port to charge other devices that are not fast-charging compatible - like my Kobo or Switch. An easy buy while it's so cheap.

There are two reasons (on top of it being so cheap) that made me snap this up before the Prime Big Deal Days sale ends tonight.

The first is that fast-charging support. My Galaxy S23 Plus is actually excellent when it comes to battery life, lasting two or maybe three days with infrequent use. But sometimes, I can drain the battery by watching YouTube or playing games, especially during the work commute. So it'll be nice having this in my bag, ready to rapidly charge my phone up before I leave the office, which means more gaming time on the way home.

The second is that it also has a second standard USB-A port, so I can charge another device at the same time without needing another adapter or using multiple plug sockets. It's a neat little convenient bonus for if my Switch, Kobo, or headphones run out of juice while I'm out and about.

I'm looking forward to it arriving in the next couple of days, and when I open the box, I'll try to avoid thinking longingly about the OLED TV that it could've been. Maybe I'll just get it in the Black Friday deals instead.

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