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Mobelux Awards review

Track performance and issue rewards all on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Mobelux Awards
You can easily assign a star rating to each task you give out and track who has the most

Our Verdict

A handy, pretty system, but there's optimisation and enriching work to be done


  • Good idea
  • Nice interface
  • Integration with contacts


  • Can be fiddly to set up
  • No web service

Using Awards, you can track achievements for your children, staff and more.

You begin by adding people from your Contacts list (which is handy, since it means it’s easy to issue awards to the email addresses on these entries), then go on to award gold stars.

You can either add them manually or tap a task – ‘tidied room’ or ‘handed work in ahead of deadline’, for example.

You can create your own tasks and assign them a star value, then add them to that person’s history. Then you set appropriate rewards – ‘an hour of TV’ might be worth 5 stars – which you can issue and redeem via email as pretty graphical certificates.

Configuration can be a little tedious, however, and we’d like to see some tie-in with a web service so that the people you’re monitoring can see what rewards they’re eligible for.

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