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Zen Bound review

Not really a game, more of an experience…

Zen Bound
Wrap wooden blocks with rope covered in paint in this casual game

Our Verdict

Painting sculptures brings on a calming sense of achievement


  • Brilliantly addictive
  • Not your average game
  • Creative

The iPhone is rapidly evolving into a compelling gaming platform, but every now and then a genre-defying app comes along that isn't quite a game in the traditional sense. Zen Bound is a perfect example, but it's fair to say that it's utterly pointless.

However, that misses the… point. The basic idea is that you rotate a wooden animal sculpture to wrap rope around it, coating it with paint as you do so.

There's no timer, and, though you can't rotate the view itself, the act of spinning the sculpture with one or two fingers is calming.

It looks beautiful and the soundtrack is stunning. Blood-soaked shoot-'em-up it isn't, but it's all the better for it.

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